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Why should you use Cryptocurrencies for Anonymity?

Over the years, various forms of cryptocurrencies have taken over the digital industry. With the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litcoin, and various others, cryptocurrencies are the new form of online payments. Their considerable rise is due to the privacy and security features they provide.

Hence, they are a hot favorite payment option for all VPN users. A PureVPN review highlighted detailed look at the payment methods it offers and Bitcoin is one of them. Therefore, if you want to remain anonymous while subscribing to a VPN, then Bitcoin is your go-to option.

Here are some advantages of paying through the likes of Bitcoin:

  1. Your true identity is never revealed.
  2. Your bank account is not connected to any cryptocurrency transaction.
  3. Transactions take place in an instant globally.
  4. Funds in a cryptocurrency account are locked behind a cryptograph system and only the owner can access them through a private key.
  5. They can be used from anywhere using a software as there are no third party involved.